The Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Network is an online community for healthcare professionals and industry experts in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. ARBS Net showcases thought leadership and provides a trusted space for peers to network, share ideas and develop their clinical skills.

ARBS Net has been developed in collaboration with Professor Jian Farhadi and the team behind the London Breast Meeting, but will operate year-round as a dedicated digital community.

Our channels showcase specially selected and curated content on current best practice, new surgical techniques, technology and industry news, as well as updates on the London Breast Meeting and other related events.  

Our premium content rooms offer a range of activities related to the London Breast Meeting, including an archive of presentation videos from previous meetings searchable by topic and specialty, and exclusive surgical technique videos.

Our ‘Faculty’ 'Members' and ‘Industry Partner’ Directories offer the ability to search for specific specialty areas and opportunities to connect with fellow experts in the field.

The 'Faculty' members are those who have presented at London Breast Meeting in the past, and you can search for their presentations videos by name.


Register now to join the community, or join us as a premium member to access the premium content, as well as to be able to host and record your own online meeting or panel discussion and create webinars on a topic of your choice.

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