Aesthetic breast surgery: putting in context-a narrative review

Pankaj G Roy, Zhiyan Yan, Shashank Nigam, Kavish Maheshwari

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This review article summarises the latest evidence for commonly undertaken procedures in aesthetic breast surgery with a focus on key principles of breast augmentation, reduction, and mastopexy. The paper also outlines various approaches and controversies as well as complications such as breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) and breast implant illness (BII) which are increasingly being recognised and becoming a challenge to manage.

Changing trends of aesthetic breast surgery over the decades has warranted a continuous evolution of this field. The ability to deliver safe and appropriate care is dependent upon sound reconstructive principles and proper training. The lack of uniformity in either is a cause of concern. The impact of social media and changing perception of body image can also no longer be overlooked in the field of aesthetics and reconstruction.

Review of literature including recent journals, textbook chapters, online databases like PubMed, and current government and surgical society guidelines.

Breast reconstruction is based on sound surgical principles and it is imperative to follow these for the practice of this speciality. There are two important issues that revolve around this aspect of surgery. First relates to the urgent need to invest time and effort in improving regulations and outcomes in the cosmetic surgery industry. Second, it is crucial to promote and prioritize the development and training in this field as the principles of aesthetic breast surgery underpins oncoplastic breast surgery for management of cancer.

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