Breast Reconstruction Mini-Symposium at vPSTM

A new concept for Plastic Surgery The Meeting! These panel discussions are available as stand alone sessions or as a three-part Autologous Breast Reconstruction Mini-Symposium.

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All three sessions take place Saturday, Oct. 17. 

Part 1: Autologous Breast Reconstruction - Making Lemonade
9:30 am CDT
Making the most of non-ideal situations in autologous reconstruction, with a focus on avoidance and treatment of suboptimal results.

MODERATORS: Mihye Choi, MD; Minas Chrysopoulo, MD, FACS
PANELISTS: Angela Cheng, MD; Pierre Chevray, MD, PhD; Nicholas Haddock, MD; Vishal Thanik, MD; Sebastian Winocour, MD, MSc, FACS

Part 2: Secondary Flap Options in Autologous Reconstruction
11:30 am CDT
A practical approach to flaps other than the DIEP, including when and how to execute.

MODERATORS: Joseph Disa, MD; Nicholas Haddock, MD
PANELISTS: Joseph Dayan, MD; David Greenspun, MD; Jesse Selber, MD; Stefania Tuinder

Part 3: Restoring Sensation in Autologous or Implant Reconstruction: Fact or Fiction?
12:30 PM CDT
Exploring techniques and outcomes and determining gaps that continue to exist in sensory restoration.

MODERATORS: Ziv Peled, MD; Aldona Spiegel, MD
PANELISTS: Edward Buchel, MD; Risal Djohan, MD; Michele Manahan, MD


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