Breast Surgery Webinar: Implant Based Reconstruction

Webinar 3: Implant Based Reconstruction 7th of November, 17:00 pm UK time, 18:00 CET, CAT, 19:00 EET

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This is the third webinar of a series of Webinars by the iBreastBook on breast cancer and breast surgery. In this webinar Simon Smith (Essex, England, UK) will talk about total Sub-muscular and Inferior Dermal Sling, do we need a mesh? Nicola Rocco (Napoli, Italy) will talk about Sub-pectoral implant based reconstruction and reconstructive decisional algorithm based on preoperative imaging, Amit Agrawal (Cambridge, England, UK) will talk about Pre-Pectoral Implant based reconstruction with a Mesh and Cicero Urban (Brazil) will talk about Pre-Pectoral Reconstruction, Do we need a Mesh.
This is organised and moderated by Yazan Masannat (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK). Omar Sherif Omar (Cairo, Egypt) will be also moderating and the Panelists include Prof Maurizio Nava (Milan, Italy) and Anne Peled (San Francisco, California, USA).

Webinar 3: Implant Based Reconstruction 
7th of November, 17:00 pm UK time, 18:00 CET, CAT, 19:00 EET

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Nov 7, 2020 05:00 PM in London

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