Can anesthetic effects and pain treatment influence the long-term prognosis of early-stage lymph node-negative breast cancer after breast-conserving surgery?

Yanan Lu, Ting Liu, Peizong Wang, Yi Chen, Fengtao Ji, Fernando Hernanz, Gustavo Zucca-Matthes, Sherif Youssif, Shuling Peng, Dongni Xu

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Breast cancer is currently the leading cause of women's death. It is crucial to further improve the approach to treatment and the long-term survival rate of breast cancer patients, and to reduce the rates of recurrence and metastasis. It has been reported that the possibility of tumor metastasis depends on the metastatic potential of the tumor and the host defense against tumor metastasis, in which cellular immunity and the function of natural killer (NK) cells are critical to maintaining this balance. Surgical stress response and postoperative pain inhibit perioperative immune function in patients and increase the likelihood of dissemination and metastasis of cancer cells after cancer surgery. The study aims to investigate the effect of anesthetic factors and pain treatment on the long-term prognosis of patients with early stage lymph node negative breast preservation surgery.

A total of 337 patients with early-stage lymph node negative breast cancer (ASA I-II) who had undergone successful breast-conserving surgery in our hospital were included in this retrospective analysis. Cases were divided into general anesthesia with postoperative analgesia group (GA + PCA), general anesthesia without postoperative analgesia group (GA), epidural anesthesia with postoperative analgesia group (EA + PCA), and epidural anesthesia without postoperative analgesia group (EA). The 5-year survival rate and 5-year disease-free survival were recorded in the 4 groups.

Epidural anesthesia and postoperative pain treatment maybe beneficial to the long-term prognosis of patients with early-stage lymph node-negative breast cancer.

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