Comparing outcomes of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction between United States and Western Europe

Zachary Erlichman, Joshua Bloom, Sina Foroutanjazi, Jeffrey Aalberg Jr, Abhishek Chatterjee

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As advancements in breast cancer treatment has led to increased survival rates, the focus of surgical management has shifted towards an emphasis on reduction in surgical morbidity and improving quality-of-life outcomes. The gradual rise in the rate of breast reconstruction among patients in the United States over the past few decades further suggests that there is an increased demand for a favorable esthetic outcome after mastectomy.
Similar to other surgical procedures, breast reconstruction can be associated with various complications. The United States and Western Europe regularly publish data regarding the outcomes of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, but comparative outcome studies between the two are quite scarce. Our aim was to compare breast reconstruction choices and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction outcomes between Western Europe and the United States in order to identify techniques lacking universal standardization.

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