Comparison of breast volume change between oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery with radiation therapy and a simultaneous contralateral balancing procedure through the inverted-T scar technique

Min Wook Kim, Won Seok Oh, Jae Woo Lee, Hyun Yul Kim, Youn Joo Jung, Ki Seok Choo, Kyung Jin Nam, Seong Hwan Bae, Choongrak Kim, Su Bong Nam, and Ji Hyeon Joo

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Reduction mammoplasty or mastopexy is performed as an additional balancing procedure in patients with large or ptotic breasts who undergo breast-conserving surgery (BCS). Radiation therapy on breasts that have undergone surgery may result in changes in the volume. This study presents a comparative analysis of patients who received post-BCS balancing procedures to determine whether volume changes were larger in breasts that received radiation therapy than on the contralateral side.

Thirty-six participants were selected among patients who received BCS using the inverted-T scar technique between September 2012 and July 2017, were followed up for 2 or more years, and had pre-radiation therapy computed tomography images and post-radiation therapy images taken between 12 and 18 months after completion. The average age of the participants was 53.5 years, their average body mass index was 26.62 kg/m2.

The pre- and post-radiation therapy volumes of the breasts receiving BCS were 666.08±147.48 mL and 649.33±130.35 mL, respectively. In the contralateral breasts, the volume before radiation therapy was 637.69±145.72 mL, which decreased to 628.14±166.41 mL after therapy. The volume ratio of the affected to the contralateral breasts was 1.05±0.10 before radiation therapy and 1.06±0.12 after radiation therapy.

The ratio of the volume between the two breasts immediately after surgery and at roughly 18 months postoperatively was not significantly different (P=0.98). For these reasons, we recommend a simultaneous single-stage balancing procedure as a reasonable option for patients who require radiation therapy after BCS without concerns regarding volume change.

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