Comparison of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Non-oncoplastic Breast Conserving Surgery and Mastectomy in Early Breast Cancer: A Single Center Retrospective Study

Julide Sagiroglu, Ibrahim A Ozemir, Tunc Eren, Fatih Akkin, Aman Gapbarov, Ozlem Okur, Hakan Baysal, Ozgur Ekinci, Ayse B Ceyran, Esra Tozan Bayrak, Turkan Ozturk, Gurhan Bas, Orhan Alimoglu

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Surgical procedures applied in the treatment of early breast cancer (EBC) to achieve satisfactory oncological results lie in a wide spectrum. There has been a major shift toward less-invasive treatments during the past decades. We compared the outcomes of oncoplastic breast surgery (OBS), non-oncoplastic breast conserving surgery (NBCS) and mastectomy in the treatment of EBC.

The records of 412 patients with EBC who underwent OBS, NBCS or mastectomy at our institution between January 2012 and June 2019 were retrospectively analyzed. Postoperative complications, local recurrences (LR) and disease-free survival (DFS) were compared between the groups. EBC patients with unilateral stage-I, IIa and IIb tumors were studied. All patients received adjuvant, targeted and/or endocrine therapy according to the tumor characteristics, followed by radiotherapy (all OBS and NBCS cases, and selected mastectomy patients).

OBS, NBCS and mastectomy are equally acceptable procedures in EBC in terms of both oncological and surgical aspects.

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