Cosmetic Outcomes and Symmetry Comparison in Patients Undergoing Bilateral Therapeutic Mammoplasty for Breast Cancer

K Gulis, L Rydén, P O Bendahl, T Svensjö

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Breast-reduction techniques are increasingly used in oncoplastic breast surgery. Bilateral therapeutic mammoplasty has the benefit of decreasing breast volume, enabling resection of larger tumors, and the potential to assure good postoperative symmetry. The aims of this study were to objectively asses the cosmetic outcomes of therapeutic mammoplasty in patients with breast cancer, using the breast cancer conservative treatment cosmetic results (BCCT.core) software, to compare this score with the surgeon's score and the patient's assessment, and to evaluate if other defined parameters have an impact on cosmetic outcomes. The secondary aim was to compare breast symmetry pre- and postoperatively.

We enrolled 146 consecutive patients with primary breast cancer who underwent therapeutic mammoplasty between 2011 and 2018 in Kristianstad Central Hospital, Sweden. We retrospectively collected data from patients' records. We analyzed the BCCT.core score using postoperative photographs to objectively evaluate cosmetic outcomes on a four-grade scale and compared with preoperative photographs to evaluate symmetry. Cosmetic outcomes were also assessed subjectively by patients and surgeons, using a 10-point Likert scale.

Therapeutic mammoplasty yields a very good cosmetic outcome, evaluated both by subjective and objective measurements. Importantly, symmetry can be improved in patients with asymmetry.


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