Day 2 Highlights LBM2021

Highlights from the second day of LBM21, Thursday 2nd September 2021

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Yesterday saw the kick off of the annual #LBM21, which is at the Royal College of Physicians for over 180 delegates and online on our RCP Virtual platform for many more attendees worldwide. 

Here are the highlights from today:

Today's first session 'What's new in genetics and oncology?' began at 8:30am BST!

The next session was 'What's new in post-operative breast management?' kindly supported by 3M.

Then we had the next keynote lecture: 'Why does the breast sag? Breast biomechanics; implications and outcomes'!

Everyone is encouraged to visit the ARBSNet stand at to find out more about membership and joining the network.

Next up was: 'What's new in lymphoedema?' 

The next session 'Breast practice: How my practice has evolved over 21 years' was kindly supported by GC Aesthetics.

Then we had the next keynote lecture: 'My innovation journey'!

The next roundtable discussion was on 'neoadjuvant therapies and de-escalation of surgery for breast cancer'.

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