EASAPS WEBINAR: Update on Lipofilling for aesthetic breast surgery

Thursday 18 February 2021 at 19.00 CET The Art of Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast; a series of European expertise by E(A)SAPS

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Update on Lipofilling for Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Thursday 18th February 2021
Chairs : Michel Rouif (Tours, France) , Ivar van Heijningen (Knokke-Heist, Belgium)
Josè Carlos Parreira (Lisbon, Portugal) EASAPS President  – An introduction to E(A)SAPS
"Lipofilling for tuberous breast in teenagers. Bringing back self-esteem without implant" Patricia Gutierrez – Ontalvilla – Valencia, Spain
"Composite breast augmentation. Current evidence on patient selection and surgical technique" Ernesto Maria Buccheri - Rome, Italy
"Implant replacement by lipofilling : a review of various cases based on a 10 years experience” Florence Lejeune – Nantes, France
"The use of fat grafting in revision breast surgery" Katarina Andjelkov – Belgrade, Serbia
Opening of webinar 19.00 (CET)
Please join us for the series as we expand our knowledge and share our technical tips for aesthetic surgery of the breast.

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