Ethnicity and breast cancer in the UK: Where are we now?

Toral Gathani, Anushka Chaudhry, Leena Chagla, Sharat Chopra, Ellen Copson, Arnie Purushotham, Raghavan Vidya, Ramsey Cutress

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Outcomes from breast cancer for women in the UK have improved significantly over recent decades. These gains are largely attributable to a combination of earlier diagnosis and access to treatments delivered to patients by the National Health Service irrespective of cost. Ethnic minority groups make up almost fifteen percent of the UK population and there is concern however that these groups may have poorer outcomes from the disease. In this short report we seek to summarise what the current evidence tells us about the patterns of breast cancer incidence and outcomes in ethnic minority women in the UK in order to raise awareness about this topic and provide consideration for what future research is needed to address the gaps that may exist.

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