ICOPLAST Webinar: Lipofilling of the Breast

ASPS, as a member organization of ICOPLAST, would like to make you aware of the opportunity below.

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Our next ICOPLAST webinar will focus on Lipofilling of the Breast. It will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 17, at 15:00 UTC (view PDF agenda).

Lipofilling is developing rapidly into a mature strategy in autologous breast reconstruction. In this webinar, the experts will discuss safety issues such as radiological followup, the role of radiation therapy and graft take when lipofilling the breast.

They will also provide a practical overview discussing approaches and pearls including:

  • Harvesting techniques
  • Acceptor site preparation
  • Injection techniques and instruments
  • What to expect in graft take
  • Optimizing graft take
  • Potential complications and the best ways to deal with them

Topics and Speakers:
Unravelling the Evidence: Is it Safe? What Does the Literature Tell Us?
Andzej Piatkowski, MD, PhD (Netherlands)

The Journey: An Overview of the Current State of the Art, Including Instruments, Fat Harvesting Techniques and Acceptor Site Preparation
Roger Khouri, MD, FACS (USA)

Register now to join us Tuesday, Aug. 17, at 15:00 UTC for Lipofilling of the Breast.


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