Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction Cutting Edge and Controversies

Federico Flaherty, Macarena Vizcay, Edward I. Chang Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature 2020

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In recent years, the field of breast reconstruction has undergone dramatic changes that have given reconstructive plastic surgeons tools to rebuild more natural breasts Recent findings Improved outcomes are in part attributable to improved mastectomy techniques with nipple preservation and efforts to preserve well-perfused mastectomy skin flaps. There have also been tremendous advancements in technology and supplemental fat grafting which have greatly enhanced cosmetic results.

The present review provides data from the authors’ experience and outlines important components of successful implant-based breast reconstruction and highlight the evolution of this process. Many novel, innovative techniques and advancements in implant design aim to refine patient outcomes and experience. Reconstructive plastic surgeons must be aware of the unique benefits and risks inherent in each technique, device, companion tools, and cancer treatment strategies to help guide their patients toward a successful, aesthetic reconstruction that meets their expectations and wishes.

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Edward Chang

Associate Professor, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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