Infected Galactorrhea after Augmentation Mastopexy: A Clinical Case

Kristupas A Suslavičius, Nerijus Jakutis, Indrė Sakalauskaitė
Infected Galactorrhea after Augmentation Mastopexy: A Clinical Case

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We report the case of a 35-year-old female patient who presented with stabbing pain on inspiration and expiration, fever, and dyspnea. The patient had undergone breast augmentation with mastopexy and upper quadrant liposuction 5 days earlier. Seven days after hospitalization, a fistula ruptured in the left breast at the suture, and copious outflow of thick whitish fluid was observed. The breast implants were then removed. During surgery, a small amount of fluid was found, and bacterial culture revealed a Cutibacterium acnes infection, for which antibiotics were prescribed. Fifteen days after implant removal, the patient complained of uncomfortable tingling sensations, similar to breastfeeding. A dressing was applied, which resulted in the copious discharge of whitish, viscous fluid through the wound and nipple. The prolactin level was four times higher than the normal range. The patient was diagnosed with hyperprolactinemia and prescribed bromocriptine treatment, which restored her prolactin levels to normal within 4 days. After 4 weeks of hospitalization, the patient was discharged in good condition. This is the first case in the world to show that, in addition to infection, galactorrhea can be an extremely rare complication, which in our case was detected at a late stage at a similar clinic.

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