Inferior pedicle breast reduction and long nipple-to-inframammary fold distance: How long is safe?

Samyd S Bustos, Vanessa Molinar, Doga Kuruoglu, Omar Cespedes-Gomez, Basel A Sharaf, Jorys Martinez-Jorge, Oscar J Manrique, Nho V Tran, Minh-Doan T Nguyen

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Free nipple grafting indications in breast reduction surgery are outdated. Safety of inferior pedicle technique for large resections and long pedicles has not been clearly defined. We evaluated patients who underwent inferior pedicle reduction mammoplasty to define the safety constraints of the inferior pedicle.

A retrospective review of patients who underwent inferior pedicle reduction mammoplasty due to symptomatic macromastia at Mayo Clinic over a six-year period was conducted. Patients with prior breast surgeries were excluded. Demographics, breast measurements, and surgical outcomes were collected. Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed to assess for predictors of necrosis.

Inferior pedicle breast reduction offers low risk of necrosis and can be safely performed in patients regardless of the N-IMF distance. No association was found between N-IMF distance and overall necrosis in our cohort, including lengths >15 cm. However, large resections could increase the risk of necrosis.

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