Innovations: a dawning of a new age

Read this article by Geoffrey G. Hallock, Associate Editor of the Archives of Plastic Surgery
Innovations: a dawning of a new age

Innovation forms the backbone of our specialty—Rohrich et al.

Ideas→ Insight→ Ingenuity→ Improvisation→ Invention→ Innovation.
Perhaps the preceding is not in the correct order nor one leads to the other, but surely we cannot argue that without innovation there will be no future for the specialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery. We own no anatomical territory, but we are the “problem solvers” for all other surgical specialties. From the Oxford English Dictionary, innovation may be defined as the “alteration of what is established by the introduction of new elements or forms.” A too often rigid adherence to what is established, that is, omnipresent dogma, restrictive rules, and deafening protocols, will only stifle creativity. An unsolvable problem or for that matter one that is just routine, may have an unforeseen better solution—that an innovation that must be original, quite relevant, pragmatic, and preferably simple in application. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but innovation is its identical twin.