Maintaining Contour with a Three-dimensional Interstitial Tissue Marker in 134 Lumpectomies

Ashley T Tsang, Lawrence Cai, Joanne Edquilang, Irene L Wapnir

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Breast-conserving surgery (BCS) is meant to preserve the natural appearance of the breast; however, tissue volume deficits cannot always be compensated by soft tissue mobilization. A three-dimensional (3D) interstitial tissue marker (BioZorb) was designed to delineate the lumpectomy cavity for targeting boost irradiation, but an unexpected secondary benefit may be in guiding wound contraction and restoring contour to the lumpectomy bed. We analyze tissue volume excised at the time of lumpectomy as a function of device size selected.

In total, 134 consecutive lumpectomy patients implanted with BioZorb between May 2015 and February 2020 were retrospectively analyzed for tissue volume excised, device size used, location, and re-operation rates, including explantation of the device.

BioZorb implantation can be a safe and useful oncoplastic technique for restoring volume with BCS. Large-volume lumpectomies can be performed without contouring defects using the device. An unexpected secondary benefit of the device may be scaffolding for wound contraction.

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