Management of postoperative microvascular compromise and ischemia reperfusion injury in breast reconstruction using autologous tissue transfer: Retrospective review of 2103 flaps

Michelle Coriddi, Paige Myers, Babak Mehrara, Jonas Nelson, Peter G Cordeiro, Joseph Disa, Evan Matros, Joseph Dayan, Robert Allen, Colleen McCarthy

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Although rates of microvascular thrombosis following free-flap breast reconstruction are low, debate persists about the optimal methods to restore blood flow and prevent ensuing flap shrinkage or fibrosis. Here we evaluate our management of microvascular compromise, including both a review of our approach for restoring blood flow and addressing the ensuing inflammatory changes following ischemia reperfusion.

We conducted a retrospective review of autologous free tissue transfer breast reconstructions from 1/2010 to 1/2020. Patients who had flaps requiring take-back for salvage were identified. Management of microvascular compromise and ischemia reperfusion injury were recorded.

Salvage of microvascular compromise in autologous breast reconstruction should include restoration of blood flow and management of ischemia reperfusion injury. Attention to both is paramount for successful outcomes.

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