Modified Grisotti flap technique in centrally located breast cancer: case report

Ying Chen, Qianjun Chen, Jingjing Dong, Dan Liu, Lezhen Huang, Fengfeng Xie, Weijie Zeng, Wenxia Li, Shaowen Zhong

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Traditionally, breast cancer patients with centrally located mass always receive mastectomy or the combination of central excision and primary closure. With the development of modern oncoplastic breast-conserving techniques, these patients can conserve their breast, and achieve satisfactory cosmetic outcome as well as clear margin. A variety of techniques are available to deal with centrally located breast cancers (CLBCs). Among these techniques, Grisotti flap technique is special, because it is easy to handle, and only causes minor injury by using a local rotational dermoglandular flap to fill the defection of central part. However, in our clinical practice, we find a lot of women in south China have special properties. Such as short distance from inframammary liner to the nipple, long distance from midclavicular to the nipple, and large breast diameter. Simply apply the Grisotti flap technique to those patients is not very suitable that drive us to modify this technique to suit our patients. We adopt the idea that use pedicled skin flap with skin island to replace the central defection to modify Grisotti flap technique. And applied this technique to two patients. We find modified Grisotti flap technique for Paget's disease or CLBC had good cosmetic results as well as safety in suitable patients. In the future, we can use superior pedicle with skin island for ptotic breasts, and lateral pedicle is suitable for patients without large and ptotic breasts.

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