Oncologic Safety and Surveillance of Autologous Fat Grafting following Breast Conservation Therapy

Hanson, Summer E. M.D., Ph.D.; Kapur, Sahil K. M.D.; Garvey, Patrick B. M.D.; Hernandez, Mike M.S.; Clemens, Mark W. M.D.; Hwang, Rosa F. M.D.; Dryden, Mark J. M.D.; Butler, Charles E. M.D.

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Autologous fat grafting is a useful adjunct following breast reconstruction. The impact of autologous fat grafting on oncologic safety and surveillance remains questionable, particularly following breast conservation therapy.

We performed a retrospective review of patients who underwent delayed fat grafting following breast conservation therapy between 2006 and 2016. A control group of conservatively managed patients without grafting was matched for cancer stage, age, body mass index, and follow-up. Outcomes included locoregional recurrence and oncologic surveillance.

Overall, we found no difference in recurrence rates after breast conservation with or without delayed fat grafting. Furthermore, there were no differences in the rates of fat necrosis, palpable mass, and abnormal radiographic findings. This study represents the longest follow-up to date in in a large matched study of autologous fat grafting with breast conservation therapy demonstrating oncologic safety and no interference with follow-up surveillance.

See full article here: https://journals.lww.com/plasreconsurg/Abstract/2020/08000/Oncologic_Safety_and_Surveillance_of_Autologous.1.aspx

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