Pain control following alloplastic breast reconstruction with muscle relaxant: A randomized controlled trial

Mohamed Nazhat Al Yafi, Hassan ElHawary, Becher Al-halabi, Hassan Alnaeem, Xu Liqin, Omar Fouda-Neel. Published:August 25, 2020

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Breast reconstruction has been shown to reduce patient oncological anxiety, self-esteem and sexuality. However, post-operative pain is common in patients undergoing breast reconstruction, which can greatly impact recovery and quality of life. In fact, an estimated 50% of patients who undergo breast reconstruction experience post-operative pain syndromes. Sub-pectoral breast reconstruction is specifically associated with high pain levels mainly due to the stretching of the pectoralis major muscle which can lead to muscle spasms that are difficult to control with traditional pain control regimens. Muscle relaxants have been recently shown to improve back pain associated with muscle spasm. However, their effects are not clear regarding post subpectoral breast reconstruction. So, the rationale behind using cyclobenzaprine in this study is to verify their effectiveness in these procedures.

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