Podcast episode: DIEP Flap and the London Breast Meeting

Plastic and reconstructive surgery consultant, Marlene See joins me on the DiepCJourney Podcast. We discuss the significance of the DIEP flap procedure and the upcoming London Breast Meeting.
Podcast episode: DIEP Flap and the London Breast Meeting

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This episode of the DiepCJourney Podcast features Marlene See, a consultant in plastic and reconstructive plastic surgery that specialises in DIEP Flap breast reconstruction. She is also the scientific chair of the London Breast Meeting.

Marlene discusses the history and significance of the DIEP flap procedure. She explains who qualifies for the procedure and addresses patient concerns about post-surgery recovery, emphasising the importance of the ERAS protocol for enhanced recovery.

We also discuss the London Breast Meeting, providing insight into the upcoming 2024 conference's goals and themes, and highlighting its evolution into a prominent global event in the field of breast surgery and reconstruction.

About Terri Coutee:

Terri Coutee is a patient educator and advocate for choices in breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.  She is also Founder & Director of the non-profit  DiepCfoundation.org. 

Contact Terri:

Email -  tcoutee@diepcfoundation.org

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