Principles of surgical treatment of congenital, developmental and acquired female breast asymmetries

Marijan Novaković, Marija Lukač, Jefta Kozarski, Nenad Stepić, BobanDjordjević, Dejan Vulović, Milica Rajović, Boško Milev, Saša Milićević

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There is a natural asymmetry in normal female breasts. When the difference in the shape, size or position of the breast and nipple-areola complex is visible, surgical correction is the only treatment option and presents one of the greatest challenges for a plastic surgeon. Based on the Nahai classification presented in details, the aim of the study was to present the possibilities of plastic surgery to correct primary (congenital), secondary (developmental)and tertiary (acquired) breast asymmetries.

We conducted a retrospective analysis of female breast asymmetry surgeries performed in the Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Burns, Military Medical Academy (MMA), Belgrade over the last seven years (January 2002 – January 2009)

Application of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgical principles can considerably contribute to achieving excellent results in corrective surgery for breast asymmetries. In addition to most suitable breast asymmetry surgical procedures choice, motivation of a patient is also very important for achieving satisfactory results

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