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Your Channel is a place for you to showcase your latest research evidence, surgical techniques or news and opinions to share with our ever-growing community of breast and reconstructive surgeons.

Any posts you share will also appear in the 'Latest Content' section on the home page, as well as in the email newsletters that get sent to all members.

Quick Guide

  • Click 'Contribute' in top bar
  • Choose 'Post', 'Video' or 'Document'
  • 'Post' will allow you to share your news story or article as text content. 'Video' will allow you to upload a video file of a surgical technique, interview or anything else you would like to share. 'Document' will allow you to upload a PDF or slide-deck
  • Write or upload your article/video
  • Once finished, click on 'Channels' in the right-hand bar, then 'Your Channel'
  • Press 'Publish Now' button
  • Or simply send your article or news story to - we will share it for you!

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