Refining aesthetic approaches to tuberous breast using combined minimally invasive approaches to treat moderate asymmetric tuberous breast

Riccardo Bonomi, Miguel Johnson, Gilles Toussoun - published J Surg Case Rep. 2020 Sep 24; 2020(9)

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Tuberous breast deformity refers to a deformity of the breast that is characterized by varying degree of herniation of the breast parenchyma, widened nipple areolar complex, constriction of the breast base and may involve some degree of hypoplasia. Tuberous breast deformity is most often seen in young women who commonly presents due to dissatisfaction with breast symmetry, as this can be a source of significant psychosocial distress. Principles of reconstruction are focused on recreating an aesthetically pleasing breast shape and achieving symmetrization. Traditionally, reconstruction commonly involved utilization of breast implants or local flap to achieve these goals. The introduction of fat transfer has led to a paradigm shift in aesthetic breast surgery. Fat grafting is safe and can reliably achieve satisfactory aesthetic results in selected cases and reduces the need for implants or local flaps. Concepts that reduce scar burden allows for even more satisfactory aesthetic outcomes. 

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