Curso de actualizacion medica continua SACPER 2020-2021 25/11/2020 - 20:30 hs

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Dear colleagues
We are writing to you to inform you that as of June 17, the SACPER Continuous Medical Updating Course will begin in 2020/2021. Dr. José Luis Soplán (Mar del Plata) has been appointed as its Director, who has appointed as Coordinators Dr. Marcela Marín (Mar del Plata) and Dr. Ricardo Babaitis, Alejandro Gómez Lucyszyn and Fernando Pigni (Buenos Aires).
The idea will be centered on a double presentation, which will take place on the Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month, with very defined characteristics, since the intention is to carry out 2 Parallel Courses: One that will correspond to the Modules of the Chapters moderated with their respective Directors, and the other, which will be related to Thematic Modules, and which will address an agenda in the specific areas of the Body Contour and the Breasts, with sub-areas to be deployed in each of them.
The Course will be developed via Webinar, starting at 8:30 pm and will last 60 minutes; It will have 3 National Speakers and without any interventions. This has been programmed like this, to allow our Plastic Surgeons to present their knowledge and experiences.
It is also important to comment that this Course will give a score for Recertification to those who meet 80% attendance, and double the score to those who take an exam at the end of it. We will be more specific about this later.
The Continuous Medical Updating Course is inclusive, comprehensive and superior for all SACPER members, which is why we hope to have your presence, which will undoubtedly give a framework of relevance and hierarchy in the Scientific, Formative and Educational to our Society ...

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