Safety and Effectiveness of Areola-sparing Mastectomy for Breast Cancer With Intraductal Lesions

Hiromi Tokisawa, Tomoyuki Aruga, Yayoi Honda, Toshiyuki Ishiba, Rika Yonekura, Naoko Iwamoto, Yuichi Kumaki, Shoichi Tomita, Miwako Fujii, Yasunobu Terao

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Areola-sparing mastectomy (ASM), a conservative mastectomy with nipple hollowing, can be applied to intraductal breast cancer with a tumour-nipple-areola complex (NAC) distance of ≤2 cm. Here, we evaluated the safety and effectiveness of ASM.

We retrospectively reviewed the surgical outcomes of 61 patients (64 breasts) who underwent ASM between 2016 and 2020.

For breast cancer with an extensive intraductal component, ASM is a good alternative to nipple-sparing mastectomy because it allows safe resection while maintaining aesthetics.

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