Silicone nipple discharge: A case report of an unusual presentation of breast implant rupture

An interesting article by Jessica Rahme, David Liu, Grace Chew and Richard Zinn. Clinicians and patients need to be aware of the unusual presentations of breast implant ruptire in order to avoid an unnecessary delay in diagnosis.

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Breast implant rupture is a well-documented complication of breast implant surgery. Diagnosis of ruptured silicone implants can be difficult due to the lack of overt symptoms. This is the first reported case of a patient with silicone breast implant rupture presenting with clear nipple discharge and is presented in line with SCARCE 2018 Guidelines [1].

A 45-year-old-female was referred to a breast surgeon with viscous clear nipple discharge, on a background of bilateral mastopexy-augmentation surgery 10 years prior. Imaging revealed extensive intraductal and free silicone causing significant stromal deformity secondary to breast implant rupture. Cytology of the nipple discharge was consistent with silicone gel. The patient was also found to have fibroadenoma without atypia in the right breast. She underwent an oncoplastic excision of free silicone and change of bilateral breast implants by a team of breast and plastic surgeons.

With breast implants being an increasingly common procedure worldwide, we can expect an increase in these unusual presentations. Clinicians and patients need to be aware of these in order to avoid an unnecessary delay in diagnosis.

Silicone implant rupture is a well-known complication and the rate of rupture increases over the life of the implant. Diagnosis of ruptured silicone implants is rare on clinical examination however remains an essential component of a doctor’s examination of the patient and nipple discharge must be considered a symptom of rupture.

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