Skin-Reducing Mastectomy with Immediate Prepectoral Reconstruction

Surgical, Aesthetic, and Patient-Reported Outcomes with and without Dermal Matrices Safran, Tyler; Al-Halabi, Becher; Viezel-Mathieu, Alex; Boileau, Jean-François; Dionisopoulos, Tassos

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Prepectoral breast reconstruction is being increasingly popularized, largely because of technical advances. Patients with ptotic breasts and active cancer require mastectomies through a mastopexy excision pattern to achieve proper pocket control in a prepectoral single-stage operation. This article presents a single-surgeon experience with direct-to-implant, prepectoral reconstruction following skin-reducing mastectomies.

A retrospective chart review identified all patients undergoing prepectoral, direct-to-implant breast reconstruction following Wise-pattern mastopexy from June of 2016 to June of 2018. Surgical and aesthetic outcomes, including capsular contracture and revision surgery, were measured. The BREAST-Q was administered preoperatively, 6 months postoperatively, and 1 year postoperatively.

This cohort represents the largest single-surgeon, Wise-pattern, direct-to-implant prepectoral database in the literature. This report showed that surgical and aesthetic complications did not differ in terms of acellular dermal matrix use. This technique has shown, through patient-reported outcomes, to yield good patient satisfaction.

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