Superior Hemimastectomy with Inferior Pedicle Nipple-Bearing Flap: A Five-Step Surgical Technique

Lea Morante, Houssein El Hajj, Camille Delecourt, Laura Sabiani, Marie Bannier, Sandrine Rua, Julien Barrou, Eric Lambaudie, Gilles Houvenaeghel, Monique Cohen

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Oncoplastic breast surgery is an evolving field combining both breast aesthetic surgery and oncologic breast surgery. It aims to optimize cosmetic outcomes without interfering with oncologic safety. The superior hemimastectomy is a technique that can be considered for large upper-quadrant breast tumors or multifocal and multicentric breast tumors localized in the upper quadrants. As with mastectomy, axillary procedures can be performed through the same incision. The nipple-areola complex can be preserved and reimplanted. Superior hemimastectomy allows wide excision of the breast tissue, but its main disadvantage is the increased risk of necrosis of the free grafted nipple-areola complex. In this article, the authors present the surgical technique of superior hemimastectomy with an inferior pedicle nipple-bearing flap. This technique is presented as a simple five-step algorithm. A modified superior hemimastectomy with nipple-areola complex preservation using an inferior pedicle nipple-bearing flap is an alternative to the classic superior hemimastectomy technique. This modified technique decreases the risk of nipple-areola complex necrosis and preserves better nipple-areola complex sensitivity.

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