WEBINAR: Oncoplastia 2021 (online and in person)

A Coruna (Espana), 14-16 June 2021 breastsurgeonsweb.com
WEBINAR: Oncoplastia 2021 (online and in person)

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The 16th edition of the Breast Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery Course will take place during the year 2021 between February and December 2021. This edition has a virtual campus (moodle) in which students will have the videos corresponding to the corresponding classes to each subject of the program and given by the teaching staff of the course. In addition, each of the classes will be accompanied by videos on surgical technique for each of the procedures described in the program.

As a complement to the online material, a face-to-face session has been scheduled during the month of June (June 12 to 15, 2021) for the development of theoretical and practical classes with different international professors with experience in oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery. These sessions will be recorded and will be available on the virtual campus. In this face-to-face session, the practical workshop on animals for learning muscle flaps will be developed. The development of these face-to-face sessions will be subject to the evolution of the Covid pandemic and preventive guidelines will be maintained at all times according to current regulations.

Covid Protocol

During the development of the face-to-face session, we will adopt security measures against Covid that are summarized in the following actions:

  • Individual seats for each student
  • Use of a mask by teachers, students and support staff
  • Social distance
  • Hand and material hygiene as well as room ventilation
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the room

Organized by:

Integrated Management Management A Coruña 
Professor Novoa Santos Foundation 
Training Technology Center 
Course location: PALEXCO. Transatlantic Pier. A Coruña. Spain

Registration: director@breastsurgeonsweb.com 

Registration price: 3000 euros

Director: Dr. Benigno Acea. A Coruña University Hospital Complex. Spain 

International Teachers:

–Dr. Eduardo González. Angel Roffo Oncological Institute. Argentina

–Dr. Cicero Urban. University of Positive. Brazil 

–Dr. Regis Resende. Goiana. Brazil 

Practical Workshop (15-16 June 2020): planning and dissection in a living model of wide dorsal muscle flap, anterior straight muscle flap (TRAM and reconstruction of areola and nipple at the Training Technology Center

Read more information and sign up here: http://www.breastsurgeonsweb.com/noticias/oncoplastia-2021.html

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