Surgical techniques and complex cases

Surgical techniques and complex cases

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May 16, 2024

Post breast augmentation hematoma

Hello,  I would like to discuss this case a 28 year old lady, underwent bilateral breast augmentation, dual plane II, through IMF incision, using microtextured, extra-high profile , 485 cc. After a couple of days, she started to notice gradual swelling in the left breast. The swelling was uncomfortable rather than painful. On day 8, she came for follow-up. On examination, there was swelling in the left breast mainly upper pole, soft non-tender. there were bruises mainly in LIQ that started to change in color ( started to fade). US exam showed hematoma. Hb is 10. she is asymptomatic My question is: should I observe as long as she is asymptomatic   and then try to aspirate the hematoma once liquify,  or should I take her to the operating room for evacuation of hematoma to prevent complications such as infection, persistent asymmetry or capsular contracture?
Feb 22, 2023

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