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About Motiva Implants

Since 2004, Establishment Labs has remained unwavering in its mission to create safe, beautiful, and long-term solutions for patients’ aesthetic and reconstructive needs. Its vision is to transform the industry by focusing on women's health and creating value for all stakeholders. By combining more than 30 years’ worth of advanced implant manufacturing experience, quality products have always been a natural outcome for Establishment Labs’ founders and employees. As a result, its 6th generation advanced smooth Motiva Implants® far exceed the safety and aesthetic standards set by complacent competitors. The company’s proprietary SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® implant shell technology is very purposefully referred to as an “advanced” smooth surface: it has been classified as smooth per the ISO-14607:2018 international standard (the same category as traditional smooth implants) but comes with a lower risk of chronic inflammatory conditions (such as BIA-ALCL) compared to traditional smooth surfaces. In fact, SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® has yielded an extremely low overall complication rate of less than 1% till date. More recently, the MotivaImagine® suite of products and services has expanded to include innovative, custom-designed breast surgeries such as Motiva MinimalScar® (a minimal-incision breast augmentation made possible by the unique viscoelastic properties of Motiva Implants®) and MotivaHybrid® (a specialized breast augmentation that marries next-generation breast implant technology with high-quality autologous fat grafts created using the Puregraft® system). With the world’s most comprehensive advanced smooth implant portfolio (including the world’s only ergonomic and smooth anatomical implant types available), patients and surgeons alike have come to expect only the best from Motiva® and its manufacturer Establishment Labs.

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