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About Synovis MCA

Synovis MCA, The Microsurgeon's Most Trusted Resource, provides innovative, advanced technologies specifically for microsurgeons, including a family of products that proudly hold the GEM (Global Excellence in Microsurgery) brand: The GEM FLOW COUPLER; GEM Microvascular Anastomotic COUPLER; GEM Sterilization Trays; GEM MicroClips and SuperFine MicroClips; GEM NonStick BiPolar Forceps; GEM MicroSuture; GEM Neurotube; and the GEM DermaClose Continuous External Tissue Expander are all part of the GEM family of products. Synovis MCA also distributes S&T Microsurgical Instruments, STILLE Surgical Instruments, BIOVER Clamps, CHROME LED Cordless Headlight, Acland Micro Vascular Clamps, and various other products for the microsurgeon.

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