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Hi, we're the ARBS Net content team. We'll be sharing weekly research articles, updates and studies from across the sector, as well as keeping you up to date on upcoming events. We'll also share any ARBS Network platform updates to help you get the most of your membership.  If you'd like to contribute content or discuss anything with the team, please do get in touch. 
The partner your body can trust Groupe Sebbin, created over 35 years ago, is the French leader in implantable medical devices for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. We entirely create, develop and manufacture our products by hand in our French factory in Boissy-l'Aillerie and Saint-Ouen L'Aumône (95), which allows us to ensure 100% quality control of our medical devices. Our vision of the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery market is defined by the responsability that we share with our partners, both surgeons and patients, to empower each person that wishes to change or restore their body, to do so with confidence and with a sensible approach.
pfm medical offers the full range for breast reconstruction, including titanised meshes TiLOOP Bra, TiLOOP Bra Pocket, and tissue matrices, Fortiva and Tutomesh. The TiLOOP® mesh implant is suitable for reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy. It is available in 3 variations – TiLOOP® Bra for sub pec reconstruction, TiLOOP® Pocket for pre pec reconstruction, and TiLOOP® MPX for mastopexy. Like all the titanised products from pfm medical, these help shorten the convalescence period following an operation. The RTI biological mesh completes the full portfolio. Offering the clinician the choice of which material best meets their and their patient’s needs. Fortiva 1mm is a porcine dermis stored in pharma grade saline – truly packet to patient. Tutomesh is a bovine pericardium which is freeze dried before rehydrating in minutes.
British Journal of Hospital Medicine is the leading monthly multi-specialty review journal for hospital doctors. The journal has been at the forefront of medical education for over 50 years, publishing only the best and most authoritative clinical reviews, symposia, editorials and case reports available to doctors. We also publish quality improvement projects and completed audits which follow the Squire guidelines. All articles are concise, fully referenced, presented in an easy-to-read format and peer-reviewed by some of the world's leading international authorities. British Journal of Hospital Medicine covers all specialties in hospital medicine, making it essential reading for doctors of all grades who want to ensure that their practice is evidence-based and up-to-date with all the latest clinical developments.
Barcelona Breast Meeting is an annual meeting, chaired by Prof Jaume Masia and Professor Jian Farhadi, for reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgeons.
Venkat Ramakrishnan

Consutant Surgeon, St Andrew's Centre, Essex

Zoe Winters

Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, UK

Yoav Barnea

Head, Plastic & Reconstructive Breast Surgery Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Tunc Tiryaki

Plastic Surgeon, Turkey

Tibor Kovacs

Breast Reconstructive Surgeon, UK

Tari King

Professor of Surgery, USA

Sühan Ayhan

Professor, Turkey

Suzy Cleator

Plastic Surgeon, UK

Susana Correa

Plastic Surgeon, Colombia

Steven Teitelbaum

Plastic Surgeon, USA