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pfm medical offers the full range for breast reconstruction, including titanised meshes TiLOOP Bra, TiLOOP Bra Pocket, and tissue matrices, Fortiva and Tutomesh. The TiLOOP® mesh implant is suitable for reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy. It is available in 3 variations – TiLOOP® Bra for sub pec reconstruction, TiLOOP® Pocket for pre pec reconstruction, and TiLOOP® MPX for mastopexy. Like all the titanised products from pfm medical, these help shorten the convalescence period following an operation. The RTI biological mesh completes the full portfolio. Offering the clinician the choice of which material best meets their and their patient’s needs. Fortiva 1mm is a porcine dermis stored in pharma grade saline – truly packet to patient. Tutomesh is a bovine pericardium which is freeze dried before rehydrating in minutes.

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