Case study: Breast reconstruction - Infection and Recurrence

Maurice Nahabedian shares this breast reconstruction case and how he dealt with infection and tumour recurrence.

Some key debates which arise from this case are: 

1. Timing of radiation: before or after autologous reconstruction?

2. Is fat grafting really a long-term solution to prevent cap con in patients following implant reconstruction and radiation therapy?

Please share your thoughts on these topics in our discussion thread here.

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Go to the profile of Charles Kays
25 days ago

I would be interested in the result of the cultures obtained at explant  and if you see any an increase in infections with ADM use relative to no ADM and a typical bacteria, (pseudomonas if often what I see) and if you believe that a DTI approach with a single surgery may have a lower infection rate and explant (mine 3%) again relative to a two stage approach? 
Thank you for an excellent presentation, sir. 

Go to the profile of Andrii Zhygulin
15 days ago

Thank you for the interesting case! But for me it is very strange do the two-stage reconstruction in such case with so nice non-ptotic breasts, especially using ADM. As for me, it is much more effective to do DTI retro pectoral reconstruction with synthetic mesh, and to finish the case in one procedure, minimizing the risks of infection (ADM) and costs of the treatment...
According to the accident of local recurrence - the decision was perfect!