Looking ahead to LBM 2023 with Terri Coutee

We spoke to Terri Coutee, Founder/Director of the DiepC Foundation, about her work and her upcoming session at the London Breast Meeting 2023

You can find out more about Terri's work at the DiepC Foundation here: http://www.diepcfoundation.org/ 

The London Breast Meeting will be taking place 7-9 September at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Visit the full website here: https://site.londonbreastmeeting.com/ 

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3 months ago

Torie, what a pleasure to sit and chat with you about this wonderful opportunity for patient advocacy provided to me by the scientific committee at the London Breast Meeting. It's great to be a part of ARBSNet to learn even more. Thank you so much and see everyone in London!

Terri Coutee

Go to the profile of Victoria Hart
3 months ago

And you Terri - thanks again for your time and for sharing your preview for LBM 2023!