One month to go: Barcelona Breast Meeting 2023

The Barcelona Breast Meeting returns on March 22nd -24th 2023!

The two day conference will be held at Sant Pau Old Enclosure, Barcelona  on March, 22nd – 24th, 2023 and this year's theme is “how to achieve  excellence in all the fields of breast surgery” and “how we can improve the quality of life of our patients with an integrative approach”.

The meeting is a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and friends under the same roof and enjoy an exciting  3 day programme consisting of live surgeries, video surgeries, plenary lectures, expert panel discussions and free paper sessions.

Also, we have also organised two pre-BBM symposiums, one about breast reconstruction in emerging countries and another about the essential techniques on breast reconstruction and breast aesthetic for residents and junior surgeons.

A live surgery will also be performed to highlight trends and innovations in these fields and there will be video-surgery sessions showing tips and tricks of some of the leading world experts.

The meeting is chaired by J. Masià and J. Farhadi who are very excited to welcome to you to Barcelona in March!

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